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It is estimated that the overall demand for DRAM bits in 2018 will increase by about 20% -25%

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It is estimated that the overall demand for DRAM bits in 2018 will increase by about 20% -25%

South Asia Branch announced in January 2018 self-combined revenue of 6.148 billion yuan (NT, the same below), an increase of 3.03% over December 2017, representing an increase of 51.14% over the same period in 2017; while South Asia Branch January revenue also continued The first 4 months hit a record high. mc68332aceh25

For this year's DRAM market views, Li Peiyan, general manager of South Asia Branch, said in January that in the first half DRAM market is expected to remain stable, product prices are expected to continue rising, but the rate of increase will converge in the third quarter of DRAM market, the traditional peak season At present, the pessimistic signals have not yet been seen. As a whole, due to the fact that the two Korean factories have all indicated that they will expand their output according to the market demand, the DRAM industry is expected to maintain a stable and healthy economy in the second half of the year. max232acpe+

South Asia Branch said the company expects this year's overall DRAM bit demand will increase by about 20% -25%, which, with cloud data center server DRAM demand is booming, it is estimated that the server will drive DRAM demand growth a major energy; In addition, High-end mobile phone equipped with DRAM capacity will also climb to 4GB-6GB, with the advent of the Winter Olympics, is also expected to drive demand for television and set-top boxes and other growth, thereby promoting the demand for niche DRAM.


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