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OLED lighting market development and the mainstream manufacturers layout progress

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OLED lighting market development and the mainstream manufacturers layout progress

OLED and LED technology competition, causing LED manufacturers in the past 10 years OLED attention. Although the high cost of OLED technology makes it very difficult to improve the penetration rate, with the input of big manufacturers such as OSRAM and LG, as well as Chinese manufacturers' huge investment in the OLED display field, R & D experience and process equipment in the display industry can be utilized The advantages of the rapid rise of OLED lighting, coupled with public awareness of environmental protection, public lighting and living standards of beauty and aesthetic requirements of the upgrade, making white OLED lighting is likely to become the next generation of lighting star. mc68332aceh25

Automotive lighting can be said that the most sparkling OLED lighting and the most mature application market. In fact, with the latest integration of LED technology, lighting has evolved from basic functional features to significant features that have the potential of automotive value, and OLEDs have the true potential to differentiate themselves from LEDs and provide new added value. The BMW M4 GTS, introduced in 2016, is the first commercial vehicle to incorporate OLED technology in the taillights.

In addition to the automotive market, OLED lighting manufacturers have also aggressively tapped into traditional lighting such as commercial lighting or office lighting. In addition, OLED technology must also incorporate a number of niche markets to achieve economies of scale and thereby reduce costs, while niche markets include Medical lighting and recessed lighting.

According to LEDinside data, the global OLED lighting panel will reach about 153 million U.S. dollars in market size in 2017. It is estimated that the OLED display industry in China will release its production capacity by 2018, and OLED industry will usher in a substantial increase in yield and a sharp drop in costs. OLED lighting will also be due to the status quo of the entire market, ushering in new cost-effective opportunities, OLED lighting is expected to grow to more than 1.1 billion by 2020 the size of the market. max232acpe+

The mainstream manufacturers layout progress


OSRAM announced in July 2007 the closure of the Malaysian OLED display factory in favor of OLED lighting applications. In these 10 years, OSRAM in addition to debut its OLED table lamp, OLED lighting in the car layout progress has also become the industry pioneer, including BMW and Audi announced in 2015 to 2016 equipped with taillights OLED lighting for the car models, many models All supplied by OSRAM.


LGD OLED layout in 2017 continues to increase in the field of large-scale investment in the display at the same time, LGD also actively approached with BMW, hoping to sell OLED lighting products. It is reported that, LGD and BMW OLED lighting products supply will include taillights and interior lighting part. LGD also unveiled its new OLED brand Luflex at the end of 2017 and announced that it will market its OLED lighting products with Luflex in the future with automotive as its top priority, followed by commercial lighting and lighting manufacturers, and LGD as a global The largest OLED lighting brand for the future goal.


GE started the OLED project in 2010, and GE Global R & D Center claimed that in the joint development with Konica Minolta, the white OLED achieved a "major breakthrough" with a luminous efficacy of 56 lmz / W using solution-based coating materials with low cost Important conditions for making OLEDs. GE and KM plan to launch the first OLED flexible lighting products in 2011.


April 2015 OLEDWorks acquires Philips' OLED light source device business and associated intellectual property and is currently producing panels in the United States (low-capacity amber lighting) and Germany (the more capable Lumiblade panels).

Konica Minolta Pioneer Joint Venture

March 2017 Konica Minolta and Pioneer announce the merger of two companies in their OLED business unit and the formation of the new 50:50 joint venture pioneer Konica Minolta Pioneer OLED on June 1, Pioneer also exhibited a vehicle OLED lighting system at 2018 in CES.
The next light technology

Following the light of science and technology in May 2015 from Wisconsin spin-off OLED lighting manufacturers focus, head office Visionox is initially Tsinghua University's OLED project group, and later the establishment of an OLED company, has been Kunshan State significant Holding, one of the leading OLED manufacturers in China, focuses on lighting and automotive and general lighting.

in conclusion

With the continuous development of LED lighting in the field, the cost continues to decline, OLED has long been the main price war opportunities, the only breakthrough is the use of OLED is a non-Blu-ray surface light damage and flexibility can be folded advantage of higher-order design to avoid And LED positive cost-effective battle.

As the current investment in the growing OLED display size, and lighting requirements of OLED relative to the display is low, the next opportunity OLED lighting take off, the main will still be reflected in the use of OLED display synergies, optimize the supply chain, the use of GM R & D , And the use of partially depreciated OLED display devices to reduce the investment cost of OLED lighting.


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