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Considering the differences with Breitling watches delivered and installed in almost time


Considering the differences with Breitling watches delivered and installed in almost time

Despite any and all state-of-the-art equipment (something we'll look at in part two), ultimately, it is the dexterity of a highly trained craftsman that makes the realization of a functioning mechanical Breitling watch possible. Machines can be purchased, delivered and installed in almost no time, but finding a person who is capable of using those microscopic pieces to create a replica breitling navitimer watch that is so much more than the sum of its parts... That's the real challenge all true manufactures have to face.

In the Vaucher facility, part of Breitling, we were shown the schoolroom where a handful of candidates are given the chance to become watch makers after four years of exhaustive training. To become a Breitling (one who gets to work on the highly complicated movements) is at least another decade more! To illustrate why so much time is necessary, let me show you the difference between what they are actually practicing with while at school and what they might become qualified to create in about another ten-year's time.

On the left, is a picture I took of a watch that was on a student's bench. On the right, is a tourbillon I photographed in the haute horlogerie workshop. Clearly, the differences are vast. The little watch was sealed and placed on that sheet of replica omega seamaster with its rate and other chronometric results, while some screwdrivers and other tools were laying around it on the table. On the other benches, we could see the same Breitling watches, or their partially finished movements, and other parts - all meticulously covered to be free of dust. Although the room was empty by the time we arrived, we could all feel that sense of urgency and impeccable care every student must have possessed while creating their own piece. I still believe that the person who created what we see on the left wouldn't exchange his work for any other watch, as it is his own achievement.

If we concentrate on the similarities between the two watches, we can see them act as the bridge between an older, and the latest generation of craftsmen. At the moment, they each represent the ultimate challenge for their creator and require an equal amount of effort and attention. Considering the differences, there is something noteworthy as well. In their current states, they each imply just how long of a road is ahead for an aspiring watch maker! A road which had not only been much the same centuries ago for the builders of those amazing pieces in the replica cartier watches, but shall also remain unchanged for the future generations of artisans. There are no shortcuts. The fact that there is no way around this, is probably one of the most arresting aspects of this mind-bogglingly difficult trade - and another reason to truly respect those few houses which not only harness, but also care to save and pass on that knowledge.


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