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Why is I change my name?

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Why is I change my name?

When I switched realms I wasn't allowed to keep my old name (sothoth).

However, when I search the armory, sothoth still links to http://www.only4wowgold.com toon which I assume means no one else has it.

Why wasn't I allowed to keep that name?

It hasn't updated yet. Beyond that, we can only provide possible explanations for your name (unless a GM is able to step in: I'm not sure if that's wow gold their power).

- Used by a character who hasn't been logged in for an extended period.
- Used by a low-level (<=9) character.
- Used by a plot character in the game.
- Has some sort of meaning outside of the game, which Blizzard has deemed inappropriate or infringing

most likely because there is already a player on that server with that name. It could be a player: with an inactive account; too low to show up on the search: and/or did a paid name change and it is still on the 90 day cool down.

Try adding that character. If it is successful, or it says that "Friend must be part of your faction" then the name is claimed. In that case, ticket and ask if the name is claimed.

It is close to Yogg-Saron, in general, it is a bad idea to pick names that resemble MAJOR world of warcraft NPCs.

Whether or not it would be changed if someone petitioned it...I dunno...It is close, imo I wouldn't go there.

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