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Ony down, some minor questions

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Ony down, some minor questions

No more than 5 minutes later I get an invite (ugh, a blind one at that). Appeared to be a 10-man (I asked "Ony10?" to be sure). We take a while to fill up (priest healer is still in a heroic, priest healer on last boss, priest healer joins, priest healer is locked, pally healer joins) and we get summoning.

"Everyone know the fight" RL asks?
I thought "I've read the fight millions of time since WoW Classic, seen dozens of videos, I've read up on the changes I should be good"
I said "I know the fight, never completed it though". Which was the truth.

After the trash it's on. Tank runs ahead. Turns Ony north. I stay way back to avoid tail swipe. Not long after that I see a NE (not sure, was too fast) fly across the room. RIGHT into the whelp-cave!
I don't panic. OT picks whelps up, ranged AoEs 'em down. Continue on Onyxia. Somewhere along the way RL dies. I Rebirth him. Top him up a bit. Continue on Ony.
Low mana warning?? Oh yeah, still in NE-form. Shift to bommkin, Innervate self and off we go again.

She takes off. Boy is she hard to target that high. Mage eats a nasty fireball and dies, no more Rebirth from me, but another druid (there were three of us) has one left.

Deep breath (my very first !! woot) and I run to the, to my knowledge, safest place. behind her. BAM! I go from 22k hp to a slimmer left !! Run towards the healers before I get a FB up my tail.

Meanwhile adds are piling up and need some loving. Loving being Hurricane-spam. Continue on Onyxia. I see myself climbing the threat-ladder and suddenly Omen warns me, 100% Ony attacking me. I am now pelted w Fireballs all the time and they are barely scratching my hp (why did the Mage die so quickly??).

Shortly after Ony lands. Things seem more under control despite Bellowing Roar messing w my rotations but why is it taking so long? Seems dpsers have steadily been dropping (even the OT, but he got the last Rebirth). Some of the dead remarked "lol, 2 healer, 2 tanks and 1 dps". ME! . "It's a whipe" another one calls out.

I boldly continue on Onyxia (and adds when applicable). Does she have an enrage? Can't be, this is taking forever. Nevertheless I keep dps-ing and her hp keeps dropping.

DINNGGGG!! Achievement. Onyxia is dead.

After rezzing it's Loot Time ! Emblems of wow gold , some plate and mail and one "Stormrage Cover". iLVL 232 w Balance written all over it (in my eyes anyway), but I remember that my T8.5 helm was the BiS for me so I passed. One druid rolled. Crap rolls on the sack of emblems and the 22-slot bag (bugger).

So after this wall of text my questions are:
- Why did the mage die so quickly? Should he respec Ice Barrier, pop that, Mage Shield and Mage Armor and get a PW:S asap? Or am I so "awesome" to be able to tank 'em?
- If a hunter comes along and puts his pet on Ony, will it get behind Ony and get 10% chance (provided it has the AoE Avoidance talent) to get swiped into a whelp cave or will it dps Ony's sides and be safe? Or are pets exempt from Tail Swipe?


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