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Building a Raiding Guild Suggestions

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Building a Raiding Guild Suggestions

I've originally created my guild as a just http://chaosknightzhao.page.tl/wow-gold2.htm me guild and the roster you see on my guild are all my toons. Initially, I just wanted to have the guild bank for the benefit of all of my own toons since I had gotten pretty burnt out from a very intense raiding guild that raided from 4-6 nites a week and it had gotten to a point where a lot of guild members (not all) where insulting each other or just plain out mean to other raiders in the guild. Up until recently, I just wanted to enjoy the game without the sociability involved in being in a guild. However, I am interested in expanding the guild I created to others other than just myself. In BC, I did have one of the largest lvling guilds on my old server before I switched to being in raiding guilds only. Running a raiding guild is different than running a lvling guild. I do not have the "experience" in setting up a successful raiding guild. Do you have any suggestions on building a successful 10 man and eventual 25 man raiding guild? Any mistakes or good practices to either avoid or practice in my guild?
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You'll recruit hundreds of people, and retain a dozen. One weekend, you'll get 3 new recruits. One will leave almost right away. Another will never sign onto that toon again. And the third will be someone you may or may not end up hating. *shrug* Ce la vie.
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3260 The best advice I can give you is to recruit using the correct methodology.

You're a raid guild, correct? If you're a raid guild, you don't recruit people from trade, PvP, quests, or 5 mans; you recruit people from raids.

To get your guild off the ground you have to be prepared, confident, and charismatic to people who join you.

The best way to begin your guild is to host PUG raids: use trade chat and the official forums, use your guild's vent/Mumble, make sure you get the name of your guild out there.

However, the most important thing at this stage is you must produce results. Hosting PUGs does no good if you can't kill Magmaw.

But if you show people that you can consistently lead raids into BWD and BoT and pull 4/6 or 5/6 and 2/4, you'll begin getting recruits. 


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