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Any word from blizz about the bg ques?

wow gold

Any word from blizz about the bg ques?

Since 4.1 battleground ques have been absolutely berserk, not to mention the countless number of bugs that came along with the patch.

yes the queues have been terribly buggy since 4.1, I love how they had a "fix on the ptr" that was supposed to be implemented in this patch to resolve the buggy queues in the past 3-4 months...come on blizzz

Kinda new to rated BGs. I know you can't wow gold as a single, but not sure how groups are put together. When I go the tab, it says Party Members 1 which means me. Says I'm not in a valid group to join the que. How do I get into a valid group? But how do other random people join ? Do I just have to sit there and wait for the group to fill. I'm confused.

Excuse my noobness but how do you invite them?

More importantly I don't know 9 other players, how can I get invited to a rated battleground?  #5
1 day ago
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