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Error? in calculation of exalted reps

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Error? in calculation of exalted reps

I have successfully reached exalted with Aldor, then Scryer. Likewise Oracle/Frenzyheart. Why is it that only two of the four are calculated for "the Exalted"?

I can understand that guild achievements were introduced 'more recently' and might not be able to back-calc (though the achieves and FoS exist, so it should be possible - but might be more code than it's worth); however, these were done (individually) after the (first version of) Exalted achievement was introduced.

This toon "presently possesses" 49 exalteds - but has earned 51. the acheives for those 51, the FoS for faction-switching, both exist - is there a reason they are not credited? Can anyone tell me if this is 'as intended' or considered a bug?
As intended. You are only exalted with two of those factions. Going to Exalted with one faction moves you to Hated with the other faction.
Thanks Madison - I understand that as wow gold for the guild achieve. However, let's say that at the time I hit exalted with Aldor, I had 1 exalted rep - counter should increment to 2. Now - moving on to reversee and hit exalted with Scyrer, that counter should increment again. the personal number should be 3.

And, at the time, that was what happened. Subsequently, I passed the number of reps 'counted' by the then-current achieve system. When newer achieves were added, it appears to have re-calced, counting only 'current' rather than 'earned.'

With that in mind - may I ask whether your response is "your assessment" or whether you have been advised by someone from Blizz that this is by design and *know* it to be so?
As these reputations are all in Burning Crusade content it is hard to be entirely sure what Blizzard intended.


I can tell you that after nearly 3 years with achievements we can say the chances of a bug in that particular achievement like this NOT being caught is slim. As Madison pointed out you are currently only exalted with 2 of those factions.
Thanks Hath - I see your logic (btw, Oracle/Frenzy is LK, not BC ;) ) - and assume you see mine. Since what you and Mad are saying would represent a change in behavior from the original, I had hoped someone, somewhere had heard something specific from Blizz about that as an intentional change in behavior - or that it was not intnetional (and will/will not be addressed, w/e).

If it had always shown 'current rep' I wouldn't question at all. Since, in the past, it had displayed "reps *earned" vs "reps *currently held" I am looking for an understanding of the change.

So far, seems like, short a blue, I won't be gaining that understanding any time soon


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