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De Heeya has long been in the array


De Heeya has long been in the array

Deheya is likely to leave Manchester United this summer to join Real Madrid, for which many media have speculated who is the successor of the Spanish country, from Oprah to Donarama or even Joe Hart, have become a dream Theater No. 1 goalkeeper candidates. However, the "Sun" today revealed that if Deheya left the team (click FIFA 18 Coins) , Mourinho is likely to be No. 2 goalkeeper Romero righteousness.

Romero is the last Dejaia almost transferred to Real Madrid before the success of Manchester United signed in advance, when the Red Devils coach or Van Gaal, the Argentine state even for a period of time when the main force of Manchester United. However, with Deheya transfer miscarriage and renewed, Romero returned to the bench again.

In the hands of Mourinho this season, Romero is still a substitute goalkeeper, but in the cup has been a lot of playing opportunities, "Sun" revealed that the outstanding performance of the Argentine state has also conquered the always picky Mourinho Austria, once Deheya left the team, and Manchester United can not find a suitable opportunity to introduce another top goalkeeper, Mourinho will be Romero righteousness.

At present, the 30-year-old Romero is the main goalkeeper in Argentina, has played on behalf of Argentina in the 2014 World Cup and the second session of the America's Cup, his contract with Manchester United last year, but also priority to renew the terms of the year. "Sun" revealed that if Manchester United decided to Romero righteousness, will be in the next few weeks with him for 3 years to prevent their "new 1" and then someone else to dig away.


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