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Path Of Exile: When The Bestiary Update Will Get To Xbox One

Path of Exile News

Path Of Exile: When The Bestiary Update Will Get To Xbox One

PC players were able to evaluate the Bestiary league and patch 3.2.0 for the action / RPG Path of Exile. But for sure among you there are those who want to know when exactly this update will get to Xbox One.


Most likely, this week developers will send update 3.2.0 for Microsoft verification. Once this company approves it, it will be much easier to announce the date of the announcement to the employees of the Grinding Gear Games.

In addition, the team worked on creating a "smart target" system for networks, so that it was easier to use on the gamepad Xbox One. This innovation will allow gamers on the Xbox One to throw a grid in the direction of a group of monsters (the network will automatically choose the strongest of them).

To be more precise, the network catching function checks the creatures in a radius around your current goal. And the network gives priority to monsters with a lot of health (first checked for magical, rare and unique animals). In addition, developers want to include in this update as many patches as possible from the PC version of Path of Exile, so that you get the best impression of the league from the very beginning.

Note that the Abyss league will end with the release of update 3.2.0 (the Abyss support kits will be replaced with the new Bestiary sets). For more Path of Exile tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose www.u4gm.com where you can buy PoE items cheap.


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