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Pay attention to installation of stainless steel elbow


Pay attention to installation of stainless steel elbow

Over the years, with the rapid development of various fields, the application of various stainless steel pipe fittings is more and more, of which stainless steel elbow is also true. So what should be noticed in the installation of stainless steel elbow?

If the stainless steel elbow has been placed for a long time, then in the installation before the regular inspection, long-term exposure outside the surface must be cleaned regularly, remove dirt, neatly stored in the indoor ventilation place, prohibit stacking or open-air storage. Always keep the stainless steel elbow ventilation, keep it clean and neat, according to the correct storage method.

Before the installation of stainless steel elbow, stainless steel elbow to various standards carefully checked for compliance with the requirements, such as the path is not in line with demand, and defects may be formed in the process of transporting the removal and removal of dirt, stainless steel elbow, do the preparation before installation, need to prepare work arrangements.

When the stainless steel elbow is installed, the stainless steel elbow can be directly installed on the pipeline according to the connection method and installed according to the requirements of use. Under normal circumstances, the stainless steel elbow can be installed in the appropriate place on the pipeline, but the need to pay attention to the convenience of operation, pay attention to the stainless steel elbow, medium flow should be from the bottom of the valve to the upstream, then the stainless steel elbow can only be installed horizontally. Stainless steel elbow should pay attention to sealing performance in installation, avoid leakage appearance, thus affecting the normal operation of the pipeline.

Stainless steel elbow valve packing gland bolts must be evenly tightened, not crooked, avoid bumps, prevent stem movement or cause media leaks.

Stainless steel ball valve, stainless steel globe valve, stainless steel gate valve is used, the best choice of full open or full closed, do not do scheduling flow, to avoid sealing surface erosion, thereby accelerating wear. There is a reverse sealing device in the gate valve and the upper thread stop valve. When the handwheel is screwed up to the top position, the medium in the pipe can be leaked out from the filler.

Source: China Stainless Steel Elbow Manufacturer - Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)


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