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That other thing: Steam Trading Card abuse

Happened to Meet Closers Credits Lead to Be Winner

Could you image how Closers Credits related to Winner? Oneday, I happened to open a page when i'm looking through some boring pages. I was attracted by the pictures and headlines on the webpage. There are some young boys and girls cartoon characters on the picture under the headlinne. All of them look so cool. I click into without any hesitation as i love Anime all the time. After i entered it, i found it's a Online Games called " Closers ".

With summon of "TIME TO CALL THE CLOSERS!" I just want to try it as soon as possible. After i entered the games, i choose a pretty character, called MISTELTEIN LANCER, as my role in the game. She looks so cute and energetic.Here let me give you a brife introduction of her:Disciple of art and war ,Born in Germany, Misteltein is a stranger to New Seoul. A creative young man, he is ... [more]

Interdimensional Cyborg Sniper Tina Joins Up

En Masse Entertainment has announced that this newest character to participate in Closers Credits has finally arrived. Tina is regarded as an  "interdimensional cyborg sniper" and was recently "elected" through the community for being the next player character in the future into the  game.

Players opting to start a Tina character will get a number of in-game perks:
To celebrate Tina’s arrival, we’ve got three great events planned to learn players who develop a Tina character:
Start a different Tina character and you’ll obtain a Welcome Box that grants that you Small Plum Soda, a Dark Command 10-Piece  Set (one day), and also a set of 3-Star Midnight Wings (24 hours)!We’ll also send which you special support box (via in-game mail) whenever you hit levels 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 that has a Tina  character! These ... [more]

Congradulations on Closers Together!

The two-week Closers Credits Launch Event came to a close yesterday, so you blew away our expectations.  Congratulations, Closers!

Goal Rank    Item    Reward Code
Rank C (500,000 pts)    3-Day Elite Status × 1    ZWUQ-WGC9-E6SB-ZGKN
Rank B (1,000,000 pts)    Performance Fabric Treatment × 2    8J5J-76WT-S0D1-WNER
Rank A (1,500,000 pts)    Greater Phase Fiber 30~100 Random Box × 1    3TW8-QWEL-ZIST-95T9
Rank S(2,000,000 pts)    +11 Gear Booster × 1    H6BN-N8W7-81H5-6MEH
Rank SS(2,500,000 pts)    Superclocked Equalizer × 1
+ Enhancement Fortifier × 1    Q563-F3MY-B5NM-9EZR
You knocked out the primary four goals and started claiming stretch rewards a long time before the end from the event. Check out this  graphic to acquire some perspective for the huge number of event points you earned!


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Giveaway: Get free programs for Closers, an anime beat-'em-up on Steam

After Tuesday's giveaway am popular, En Masse helps us share Closers Credits even more keys. The entry link below is live again. We're handing out a bunch of stuff for Closers, "an episodic anime action RPG" that released on Steam recently. Closers cost nothing to play, so anyone who's serious about 2.5D beat-'em-ups with co-op, solo play, or PvP can dive in and redeem the package of products available below. This giveaway is first come, first served, however if you're guaranteed a code if you are a member of PC Gamer Club. We'll be mailing codes to PC Gamer Club members simultaneously in the morning, Friday, March 23. Buy Closers Credits at: https://www.mmoah.com/closers

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One major fault of Closers Credits was the truth that Steam Trading Card abuse was obviously a thing. By that I mean developers would generate a large number of keys and distribute said secrets to bots which are running Steam games to farm card drops. They would then put them up for a high price and reap their amount of the sale for the marketplace. This is a concern on several levels including well known two words -- Steam’s algorithm. If you didn’t know, a lot more playtime using a game, a lot more Steam’s algorithm thinks the overall game is popular and provide said game more exposure together with the front page, suited to you, etc. As you can imagine that really is a big problem. Steam showing us unpopular and broken games because bots are farming for Steam Cards breaks the whole system that Steam has constantly in place. With Steam Direct, Valve has evolved it to ensure a game with cards has got to reach a lot of total playtime among all players, and meet another quota that people aren’t even clear on yet because Valve won’t signify. Once that game meets said quota, the they will will drop. All players which may have playtime already in said game will start to see card drops. Sounds cool, right? Well, not really. Considering we don’t know the quota a game title has to meet before they could qualify. Not to mention, Steam Trading Cards can be a serious deal breaker for most Steam consumers -- if they could’t get their cards immediately, it may well become a concern. Even together with the current system consumers complain that cards aren’t dropping. This affects the market, the achievement hunters, plus the collectors, simply to combat a little portion of people farming cards for funds. Even so, these card cancertainly still find strategies to continue their ways, I’m sure. More information, visit our site: https://www.mmoah.com/closers

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