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Comparison of performance between duplex stainless steel pipes and other stainless steel pipes

Duplex stainless steel pipe is in the solution structure of ferrite in the microstructure and the austenite microstructure about each accounted for 50%, the less content usually have reached 30%, so the duplex stainless steel pipe with ferrite stainless steel and austenitic stainless steel pipe properties.   Among them, compared with austenitic stainless steel pipe, duplex stainless steel pipe has more ...

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of duplex stainless steel pipe

Duplex stainless steel pipe has better corrosion resistance than austenitic stainless steel pipe, and its practicability is wider. Because of ferrite structure in duplex stainless steel pipe, it has both the properties of ferrite and austenitic stainless steel pipe. The advantages of duplex stainless steel pipes are many. First, the yield strength is much higher than that of ordinary austenitic stainless steel ...

Classification of some application fields of stainless steel welded pipe

Stainless steel welded pipe is mainly used in landscape decoration, light industry, pharmaceutical industry, water supply and other industries. It is also applied to petrochemical industry. It usually selects medium and low pressure pipelines above the size of 159mm. Besides, the automobile muffler can also be made of stainless steel welded pipe. Stainless steel seamless pipes are mainly used in chemical ...

The hot extrusion process of stainless steel seamless pipe

At present, steel extrusion units in the world, in addition to a small number of extrusion processing profiles, most of the extrusion units are used to produce steel pipe, of which the main variety is stainless steel seamless pipe. Compared with the production methods such as rolling (longitudinal rolling and cross rolling), the extrusion process is characterized by the three direction compressive stress in the ...

Performance damage and possible solutions for stainless steel pipes after cold processing

In order to enhance the performance of the stainless steel pipe, usually use some cold processing technology, such as cold drawing, cold rolling, cold rolling, cold, cold, cold expansion distortion, but finally achieve effect, also will inevitably suffer some damage, these cold working process and welding processing, will damage the performance of the stainless steel pipe, especially corrosion or heat resistance. ...

Corrosion Resistance of 316 Stainless Steel Pipes in Seawater

Although 316 stainless steel pipes are usually used in marine environments, the corrosion resistance of the steel and seawater is limited and can not be resistant to corrosion in all states. Which is more susceptible to local corrosion, mainly crack corrosion and point corrosion. So this limits the scope of application of 316 stainless steel tubes in marine environments.Factors that can affect the corrosion ...

Welding process in application process of stainless steel pipe

With the continuous progress of the material processing technology, the stainless steel pipe has also ushered in a new development opportunity. Typical applications such as automobile exhaust pipe, fuel pipe, injection nozzle and other automobile components. In the production of stainless steel pipes, a flat stainless steel belt is first formed and then rolled into a circular pipe. After forming, the joint of the ...

Common problems of stainless steel pipes in smelting, forging and rolling

The general process of stainless steel pipes in smelting and forging rolling, more or less some stainless steel processing problems, causes and external manifestations of many kinds of stainless steel pipes in this paper, these problems, after sorting out reference.ShrinkageShrinkage cavity is the contraction cavity formed when the liquid steel contracts in the steel mould.Transverse crackTransverse crack is the ...

What are the factors affecting the annealing of stainless steel pipes

There are many factors that affect the brightness of stainless steel pipes after annealing. The main factors include the temperature, atmosphere, seal, air pressure and water vapor content in the furnace. These factors are described in detail below. The first is to look at the annealing temperature, to see if it has reached the corresponding temperature. Because the stainless steel pipe solution heat treatment is ...

Pay attention to these points when producing 304 stainless steel pipes

304 stainless steel pipe is a kind of high alloy steel, in all kinds of medium has good corrosion resistance, the surface appearance of this kind of stainless steel pipe is more beautiful, when used in general without plating processing, unless there is a special requirement for use.304 stainless steel pipeAs the stainless steel capillary has a strong corrosion resistance, and also contains other excellent ...

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