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Analysis on the current situation of world stainless steel production capacity and product development

In the past 30 years, global stainless steel output has been an average of more than 5% growth rate. In recent years, different regions of the world steel production is different, while the stainless steel production in Asia has a remarkable increase. Although the development of stainless steel in less than 100 years, but the stainless steel has been shown to be a metal material production growth is the fastest, ...

321 Stainless Steel Technical Data Sheet By yaang.com

Technical Information for 321 stainless steel   Alloy UNS Number SAE Number 321 Stainless Steel S32100 30321 GENERAL PROPERTIES Type 321 stainless steel is a stabilized stainless steel which offers as its main advantage an excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion following exposure to temperatures in the chromium carbide precipitation range from 800 to 1500° F (427 to 816° C). Type 321 stainless ...

Super Duplex Stainless Steel By yaang.com

The first-generation duplex stainless steel were developed more than 70 years ago in Sweden for use in the sulfite paper industry. Duplex alloy were originally created to combat corrosion problem caused by chloride-bearing cooling water and other aggressive chemical process fluid. Called duplex because of its mixed microstructure with about equal proportion of ferritic andaustenitic. Duplex stainless steel are a ...

Various Elements in Stainless Steel By yaang.com

Chemical elements are known to have more than 100 kinds of industrial materials used in steel can be encountered in about more than 20 kinds of chemical elements. For people in the fight against corrosion for long term practice of this particular form of stainless steel series, the most commonly used in a dozen elements, in addition to the basic elements of the composition of steel other than iron, the ...

Trade Names Associated With Stainless Steel By yaang.com

Trade Names Associated With Stainless Steel table Note, where 'Non-SS' is shown in the Nearest Grade column, this indicates that the trade name as not a stainless steel.Use the 'Ctrl' and 'F' keys to 'find' a particular name. ​Trade Name Nearest Grade Description 1925hMo 1.4529Austenitic 20% chromium, 25% nickel, 6% molybdenum superaustenitic stainless steel (Krupp Thyssen Nirosta) 2205 1.4462 Duplex 22% ...

Methods for Stainless Steel Grade Sorting By yaang.com

The conclusive methods for determining the grade of a sample of metal, believed to be a stainless steel is by a chemicalanalysis method. Normally spectrographic methods are used. These quantitative methods, provided they are properly calibrated using samples of known composition, give accurate figures for the important elements (chromium, nickel, molybdenum) in the sample.In most cases this enables a stainless ...

Stainless Steel ​Grade 310/310S (UNS S31000/UNS S31008) Technical Data By yaang.com

Stainless Steel Grade 310 is a medium carbon austenitic stainless steel, for high temperature applications such as furnace parts and heat treatment equipment. It is used at temperatures up to 1150°C in continuous service, and 1035°C in intermittent service.Stainless Steel Grade 310S is a low carbon version of grade 310. Applications of Grade 310/310S Stainless Steel Typical Applications Stainless Steel Grade ...

Type 347 Stainless Steel (AMS 5512 / AMS 5646) Technical Data Sheet By yaang.com

Chemical Composition Limits Weight% C P Si Ni Mn S Cr Cb + Ta Fe Co Mo Cu 347 0.08 max 0.040 max 1.00 max 9-12 2.0 max 0.030 max 17-19 10 x C min Bal 1.00 maxonly AMS 5646 0.75 max 0.75 max 347H 0.04-0.10 0.040 max 1.00 max 9-12 2.0 max 0.030 max 17-19 10 x C min Bal       Type 347 Stainless Steel is a chromium nickel stainless steel which has been modified by the addition of columbium and tantalum. The main ...

What Is Stainless Steel And Stainless Steel Used For? By yaang.com

 What Is Stainless Steel? Stainless steel is an alloy of Iron with a minimum of 10.5% Chromium. Chromium produces a thin layer of oxide on the surface of the steel known as the 'passive layer'. This prevents any further corrosion of the surface. Increasing the amount of Chromium gives an increased resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel also contains varying amounts of Carbon, Silicon and Manganese. Other ...

Stainless Steels Sorting and Identification Tests By yaang.com

Stainless Steels Sorting and identification tests are non-destructive, inexpensive and rapid procedures, usually carried out on different grades of stainless steels. Sorting of product procedures is particularly useful when Stainless Steel bars of Stainless Steel grade 303 and 304 have been accidentally stored together, or when Stainless Steel grade 304 and Stainless Steel 316 sheet offcuts are mixed. Although ...

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